Mark started Juicyorange in 1995, building websites in the internet stone age. His design and programming skills served him well with word-of-mouth referrals building Juicyorange's client list and portfolio quickly in the early years of the commercial internet. As website technology advanced over the years, Mark spent more time focusing on the creative aspects of the business and carefully grew Juicyorange, LLC as a lean, client-focused boutique agency.

During most of Juicyorange’s growth, Mark — a professional drummer — spent his post college years touring the World and recording with various A list artists such as Alicia Keys, Tamar-Kali and Jay Sean to name a few. It was during his touring years that he learned to make websites on his then bulky laptop on the tourbus, helping to “pass the time on the road and avoid other temptations.” Mark now has three kids, enjoys building things, lives with his wife in NY and focuses on Juicyorange while juggling the occasional touring/recording distraction. 

Juicyorange was named after his first car, a 1974 orange Volvo.

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