Sarah had client and vendor relationships with Juicyorange for nearly a decade before she joined our team. She was a national brand marketer with experience in the positioning and growing of brands such as LÄRABAR, Food Should Taste Good, Cascadian Farm, and Muir Glen. She was instrumental in the development and execution of the LÄRABAR brand from start-up through acquisition to General Mills.

Sarah has a proven track record of rapidly gaining brand awareness and stealing market share through executing thoughtful brand strategy, digital marketing, and public relations programs. During her time on the brands, LÄRABAR and Food Should Taste Good exceeded profit goals by as much as 30%, and were recognized as the fastest growing brands within General Mills and their respective categories.

Sarah is also a creative thinker, copywriter, and social campaign manager. She lives in Denver with family and can be convinced to listen to an R. Kelly song now and again.

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