Sorrel is a rare combination of talent:  fantastic print and web designer, illustrator, and 2D animator and all around creative thinker.

She graduated with a degree in cell biology but realized she preferred coloring specimens rather than dissecting them. She then studied 3D animation at film school, where animation opened up a whole new world of coloring. She then discovered her inner motor racing fan when she designed all things Indycar while she worked closely with the Champ Car World Series. 

Sorrel has been working with Mark for over 8 years when they first built the website for the super cute iCarly tv series, which continued for a 6+ year run - breaking new ground for online UGC. She figures it's worth sticking around for another couple of years, in the hopes she'll be able to finally borrow the orange Volvo company car. 

In her off hours she likes to build random things and pull the *occasional* prank against the police department. She has not been arrested to date.


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