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Juicyorange is about service. 
We are reachable, accountable, and honest. We have decades of experience in design, web technology, and strategy.

Web Development
Web Design & Programming
Ecommerce (Shopify Experts)
SEO Architecture
UI/UX Mastery
WCAG Compliance
Amazon AWS Hosting Partner
Full In-House Digital Design
Logo & Brand Development
Print Design
Retouching & Photoshop
Social Media Assets
Strategic Consulting
Marketing & Strategy
SEO Strategy & Architecture
Brand Books & Style Guides
Social Media Consulting & Management
Mark Robohm Drumming
Mark Robohm
Mark Robohm Drumming

Mark started Juicyorange in 1995, building websites in the internet stone age. His design and programming skills served him well with word-of-mouth referrals building Juicyorange's client list and portfolio quickly in the early years of the commercial internet. As website technology advanced over the years, Mark spent more time focusing on the creative aspects of the business and carefully grew Juicyorange, LLC as a lean, client-focused boutique agency.

During most of Juicyorange’s growth, Mark — a professional drummer — spent his post college years touring the World and recording with various A-list artists such as Alicia Keys, Tamar-Kali and Jay Sean to name a few. It was during his touring years that he learned to make websites on his then bulky laptop on the tourbus, helping to “pass the time on the road and avoid other temptations.” Now, Mark has three kids, enjoys building things, rides his bicycle a lot and lives with his wife in NY while focusing on Juicyorange. 

Juicyorange was named after his first car, a 1974 orange Volvo wagon with 200K miles; it was almost named "Orangeapeel" or "Orangeappeal."

John Vaccaro lounging
John Vaccaro
John Vaccaro lounging

John is a digital media executive with over 15 years experience developing digital media brands and businesses. After graduating from Cornell University, John joined a small software company where he learned HTML and began building websites in 1994. He left to pursue his MBA at the University of Virginia and post MBA landed in New York City working for Nickelodeon Online.

At Nickelodeon he was quickly promoted several times, eventually running all of content operations. John then moved on to sister company MTVI and then to Teen People as Vice President of Product Development. He has also worked for Showtime, Reed Business Information and Conde Nast Digital's site where he was part of the senior management team overseeing strategy, product development, project management and operations. 

In his various roles, John would outsource projects to skilled design and technology shops and ended up hiring Juicyorange as a vendor. He developed a great relationship with the Juicyorange team and was so confident in their abilities that he decided to join in 2009 as Partner.

Dilshod Temirkhodjaev Superman
Dilshod Temirkhodjaev
Dilshod Temirkhodjaev Superman

Dilshod is our secret weapon - a web developer with a broad experience in all aspects of software development. He spent most of his high school years building computer games such as Mario and Caveman using stone-age programming languages such as Assembler and Basic.

With a degree in Computer Science, Dilshod has worked as a game developer for many years building mobile app games for kids with AR and VR features. Before JO, he developed an online payment system platform, contributed to WebMoney and worked with cryptocurrency.  Not only a true computer geek, a great guy as well, for the win.

Dilshod is also a fitness activist and an enthusiastic sci-fi reader.

Sarah Lee DJing
Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee DJing

Sarah Lee is a graduate of Parsons the New School for Design for Strategic Design and Management BBA (Hons) with deep interests in the areas of user experience (UX) design, front-end web development and branding.

She is currently working as a designer at Juicyorange in NYC and is looking to build a long-term career in user exprience (UX) and user interaction (UI) design. She has also developed front-end coding skills (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP) by designing and coding websites for several small companies, including several healthcare startups, fashion & jewelry brands, dashboards for networking sites and marketing websites for several corporate clients. Through professional exposure, she hopes to build in-demand skills that allow her to pursue a career combining her experience in design and technology.

Sarah hails from Singapore, but currently lives in Brooklyn, NYC. She greatly enjoys listening to electronic music, DJ-ing and riding a stationary bike going nowhere on her free time. She loves a good burger and is a huge fan of hard seltzers.

Jon Smith musician
Jon Smith
Jon Smith musician

Jon Marshall Smith, programmer and pilot, started his keyboard-centric lifestyle in recording studios, committing to tape (tape!) acts such as Hot Tuna, Joey Ramone, and The Backstreet Boys.  

Brazilian indie-popsters Mosquitos brought him and drummer Mark together in a blue and white Dodge van with Betty Boop and a mysterious amphib known only as The Toad.  To finance their vagabond lifestyles, websites were made along the way, and finally, the Gems of Ruby rooted Jon onto a mountainside in western North Carolina, where he surveys the countryside below from his glass walled fortress in the company of his wife and two cats.  When not coding, Jon works in his mastering studio on various recording projects only after dismantling and, usually, putting his Subarus back together.

Alexander Mathis Travelling
Alexander Mathis
Alexander Mathis Travelling

Alexander Mathis is a New York-based self taught developer with an interest in frontend web development. He started his career working freelance with CMS platforms such as Wordpress and Shopify until being hired by JuicyOrange. His long-term aspirations are working on his backend skills, furthering his core computer science understanding, and working on his design skills.

Alexander likes to read philosophy and travel in his free time, especially exploring new cities. He also loves toy dogs (especially the Pomeranian) which he hopes does not bother his Morkie. 

Kristine Harrison
Kristine Harrison
Designer / Programmer
Kristine Harrison

Kristine has more than 25 years of digital and print design experience in a variety of creative fields. From the start-up of a photo agency, working in the print industry, and even owning her own small business, she’s covered a lot of ground. Basically, she just really likes to build things.

She built her first website way back in 1999, and over the past 2 decades has dabbled with various platforms and languages. Lots of keeping up with Adobe, e-commerce, good ol’ HTML and CSS, and playing with whatever’s new on the scene. You could say she has an artist’s eye for detail, and a programmer’s love of logic.

Kristine calls the Hudson Valley home. She stays busy keeping up with her family, creating baking masterpieces in the kitchen, hiding her latest knitting projects from the cats, or rambling up and down hiking trails. She is also a trivia enthusiast and a member of a local powerhouse superteam.

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